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Matlab program for calculating EUD-based NTCP and TCP in external beam radiotherapy

version (3.29 KB) by Hiram
Function implementing Dr. Niemierko's EUD-based NTCP and TCP models.


Updated 22 Feb 2009

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EUDMODEL(DVH), where DVH is a 2 column matrix corresponding to the cumulative, not differential, dose volume histogram. The 1st column corresponds to increasing absolute dose or percentage dose values, and the 2nd column to the corresponding absolute or relative volume value. The matrix must have a minimum of two rows, and both columns must be of equal length.
by Hiram A. Gay, MD
Revised July 8 2007

NTCP = normal tissue complication probability
TCP = tumor control probability
EUD = equivalent uniform dose

Gay HA, Niemierko A. A free program for calculating EUD-based NTCP and TCP in external beam radiotherapy. Phys Med. 2007 Dec;23(3-4):115-25. Epub 2007 Sep 7.
PMID: 17825595 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Vijay Raturi

Can somebody please help me with this error:
Error in eudmodel (line 18)
How should I remove this error?

Jasmina Terzic

Can somebody please help me with the data that defines the dvh matrices?
I cant understant the instruction in the article. What needs to be put in the first column and the second?
The informations that I have is volume in cm3, dose cover %, sampling cover %, min dose Gy, mean dose Gy, max dose Gy. Which to use?


Please ignore my previous comment on dividing standard_fractionation by nb, which is totally nonsense. Sorry.


on the line of doing fractionation correction,

Shall the standard_fractionation be divided by nb(# of bins)?

Nicola Dinapoli

Excellent paper abput TCP/NTCP topic


Dear Heigrujam, the formula is for Niemierko's EUD based model, and not the Lyman model. It is described in the reference listed in the description which I can gladly provide.


Dear Hiram, I just want to verify on line 161 and 163. According to LYMAN EUD model, inverse of 'a' should be in line 161 and normal 'a' should be in line 163. Can you just verify which formula for NTCP is used?

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