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Matsuoka oscillator using Simulink

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Simulation of Matsuoka oscillator using Simulink.



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Please refer to these papers:

Xu, W.; Fang, F. C.; Bronlund, J. & Potgieter, J. Generation of rhythmic and voluntary patterns of mastication using Matsuoka oscillator for a humanoid chewing robot Mechatronics, 2009, 19, 205 - 217

Liu, G.; Habib, M.; Watanabe, K. & Izumi, K. Central pattern generators based on Matsuoka oscillators for the locomotion of biped robots Artificial Life and Robotics, Springer Japan, 2008, 12, 264-269

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Zhao xiangyu

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yue ma (view profile)

The link is error, can't find the file, could you please repair it, thank you!

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