Atmospheric pressure unit conversion

A simple tool to be integrated in longer scripts which require pressure conversions


Updated Mon, 10 Dec 2012 21:08:37 +0000

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Convert pressure from Pascal to:
Atm: standard atmospheric pressure (unit: 101325 Pa or 101325 Nm^-2)
Bars: pressure above ambient or atmospheric pressure (100000 Nm^-2)
PSI: pound per square inch (1 lb/in^2 or 6894.757293168 Nm^-2)
At: Technical Atmosphere (98066.5 Pa or 98066.5 Nm^-2)
Torr: fluid pressure exerted by 1 millimeter of mercury
(133.322667519932 Nm^-2 or 133.322667519932 Pa)
Written: 10 Dec. 2012

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