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Kinect-controlled Travel in Google Earth 3D

version (42.1 KB) by kun
Fly around Google Earth 3D with the Kinect connected to MATLAB and Simulink


Updated 12 Nov 2013

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This Matlab script (together with a Simulink model) allows a user to travel (walk & fly) in the google earth 3d world. Using gestures in front of a Kinect for windows, user can control travel motions (orientation, tilt, and velocity).
A demo video for the purpose of user manual is in the link:

It was produced in the context of the 2013 MathWorks Summer Research Internship project. For more information about the overall project context, please see:

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Michael wang

windows only

I'm trying to use your submission to Matlab central "Kinect-controlled Travel in Google Earth 3D". I have Image Acquisition toolbox and Kinect sensor installed. I installed the Google Earth Plugin and also Google Earth for desktop. I tried it on Win 7 and Win 8, IE11, Matlab 2014a. However, I cannot run it. From the beginning it gives errors. As soon as you call the browser instance from inside Matlab, it reports the following errors, in order:

- Error creating map3d: ERR_CREATE_PLUGIN

- Stack overflow at line: 83

- Script error
An error has occurred in the script on this page
Line: 127
Char: 5
Error: Unable to get property 'çreateLookAt' of undefined or null reference
Code: 0
URL: file:///F:/kinect/kinect-3DworldWalker/Web/scripts.js
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

- Your browser does not support the Google Earth Plugin
Please try again with the latest version of one of these browsers
Learn more >>

If I click "Learn more", it reloads the same page saying "Your browser does not support the Google Earth Plugin" etc.

If I start directly your html code sl2ge_autruism_v1.html in IE11, it reports first that:
Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX Controls. Then it asks me to "Allow blocked content," which I do. This is strange as the scripts or ActiveX Controls are Enabled, as far I can tell. Then it shows again

- Error creating map3d: ERR_CREATE_PLUGIN

Then it shows the "Download the Google Earth plugin" with the alternative option to "learn more". As the plugin is already installed, I just click "Learn more" which shows then correctly the Earth and the ability to control Google Earth as usual from inside the browser. However, for this to work I have to add to the Compatibility View list. Should I add any other site to make it work?

Any idea what it's wrong and how to fix it, please? Thanks!

This was produced in the context of the 2013 MathWorks Summer Research Internship project. For more information about the overall project to develop an automated autonomous emergency response system see:


add the link to demo video

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