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Reactive Power Management of Wind Farms

version (253 KB) by Selmane Sekkai
Reactive Power Management of Mixed-Technology Wind Farms using SimPowerSystems


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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In this submission, three simulink models show how we manage reactive power when a wind turbine is connected to the grid

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Dear sir
When I used the type WF3 i found the error When I simulated this model .
the error is 'Making simulation target "WF3_Mixed_R2013b_sfun", ... '
How can I make solved this error because i am interessting of this simulation
Please help you get to the solution
Yours Sincerely

How can I download these files???

great peace of work done

Rajesh Sahu

Dear sir, while i am running this matlab models in matlab2014a, i am getting an error showing loading initialisation failed..In the zip file for initialization one zip file is there, how to make use of that file for running this model


Hello sir;
When I used the type WF3 and I change wind speed from 13 m/s to 5 m/s I found always the power start from 0.9 pu and then reduced to 0.1 pu, but in fact the power must increase from 0 pu to 0.1 pu.How can I make the power follow the wind speed? because i found in all states the power start from the maximum and then follow the wind speed after 30 sec.I am studying the power quality for your module and I will put it in my paper under your name. I hope to help me to make power not start from 0.9 pu but to start from 0 pu and then follow the wind speed'level. Thank you
Eng. Ali


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