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optical lens system


Updated 02 Aug 2020

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#OpticMat - simulation of optic lens and Ray tracing

Optics - Simulation of optics lenses and tracking of light rays

This software simulates the optical system through which you can:

1. Add as many lenses as you like and simulate where the light beam breaks.
2. See where real and virtual images were created.
3. Enter lens setup data and see all the data of the breaking light,
Focus lens, left and right radius and more.
4. The software is written in object-oriented programming and also has a user interface:


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Oren B (2020). orenber/Optica (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Konstantin Popov

Kees de Zeeuw

it works in Matlab 2015b if I upgrade the arrow.m file (...fileexchange/278-arrow)

carlos zamarripa

it doesnt run in matlab 2016.



add description

upgrade to OpticMat

remove to git hub

pink figure - real image of the system lens
cyan figure - imaginary image of the whole system .
many bugs fixes

Gratitude physicist Feldman

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