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Real time tunable filters

version (130 KB) by Gert Kruger
A library of first and second order filters whose parameters can be tuned in real-time.


Updated 26 Oct 2017

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The transfer function of different filters has been drawn as a signal flow diagram, thereby exposing the center frequency and Q of the filter coefficients. These parameters can now be easily tuned on a real-time system, e.g. on a dSPACE platform, without having to recompile the model in order to change the filter parameters. Advantages of this filter are:
- it can handle a vectorized input, i.e. muxed signals;
- A reset signal can easily be added to the integrators.

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Reordered some of the gains and integrators so that filters experiences less transient response upon changing a filter parameter. The first order filters now have bump-less transfer, i.e. zero transient response upon changing a filter parameter.

Added digital filter implementations.

Added 2nd order low- and high-pass filters.

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Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
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Inspired: PV array with algebraic loop broken