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Texture-based medical image segmentation

version (410 KB) by Kei Otsuka
Demo files to take the first step to use texture-based approach for medical imaging


Updated 08 Mar 2018

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This demo is used in MathWorks Webinar and shows how to use texture-based approach for medical imaging. GLCM(gray-level co-occurrence matrix) is one way to characterize the texture of an image by calculating how often pairs of pixel with specific values, and is good algorithm to understand what the texture is for image segmentation.

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jy du

Kei Otsuka

Or, replacing it with following codes may work for you.
mask3 = repmat(bw2, [1 1 3]);
I2 = img{1,1};
I2(~mask3) = 255;

Thank you for your quick response but I am using the 2014a Matlab that I can't get the function
I will try to get it from the web site

Kei Otsuka

imoverlay is the function that can be used to burn binary mask into 2D image. This function is provided by image processing toolbox since R2016a.

Dear sir, thank you for the code, I wish to ask you one question? what is the code for the (imoverlay) that you did us for that specific code of you ? Wish to hear from you soon


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