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version 1.0.2 (61.9 KB) by Jackson Burns
Writes the values of bars in bar graphs, with options to rotate text, change how text is displayed, and ignore bars with a value of zero.

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Updated 22 Jul 2019

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Adds the value of the bar on top of the bar for the active figure, ignoring
bars with a value of zero. Automatically pulls bar height data from the
figure. Accepts up to three variable arguments in any order:
rotation is the angle of the text (default zero)
textoption is the formatspec string (default '%.0f')
ignorezero is a logical indicating if bars with a value of zero are
labeled (default true)

Example usage:
bar([2 6 7])
h = barlabel
h =
Figure (1) with properties:

bar([3 98 65])
Labels all bars (including zeros) and rotates text 45 degrees

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Jackson Burns (2019). barlabel (, GitHub. Retrieved .

This function abstracted from this answer on MATLAB Answers:

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Fixed title unintentionally changed in last version


Added link to GitHub repository.

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