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version 1.0.1 (2.99 KB) by Lateef Adewale Kareem
% This file simulates SIR model for the spread of infectious diseases


Updated 29 Mar 2020

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% Np = the population of the community. (Default = 100, so you easily
% read the percentage of the community infectious/infected)
% Ni = the number of index case (initial infecious individual, Default = 1).
% Ds = is the minimum safe distance below which the probability of being
% infected is Prinf (Measure of how contagious the disease is:
% Lower means more contagious. Default = 0.05).
% Prinf = probability that you will be infected if you are closer than Ds
% to an infectious iindividial (Measure of how precautious people
% are: washing hands, not touching mucus membrane. Default = 0.2).
% Tr = Time it takes for an individual to be removed from the population
% (Death, Quarantined, Recovered and become immuned. Default = 1).
% F = Relative repulsive force strength (measure of social distancing Default = 1)
% videoname = Simulation video file name

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Lateef Adewale Kareem (2020). SIRModelSimulation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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