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Power Factor Correction by using Capacitor Bank Simulation

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Updated 25 Jun 2020

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The pf fall below 0.7 because there's present of inductive load. The important inductive loads responsible for the low power factor are the three-phase induction motors (which operate at a 0.8 lagging power factor), transformer, lamps and welding equipment operate at low lagging power factors.

Thus, the pf needed to be corrected to 0.9 as tnb pf minimum requirement pf is 0.85.

Simulation for power factor correction with the parameters as below:
TCL(total connected load)= 4.42kW
QL=5KVar - inductive load
Qc=2.9KVar - cap bank

Simulated rsesults:
pf before= 0.6628 (below 0.7)
pf after cap bank = 0.9034 ()

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