Examples for the Human Support Robot (HSR) using MATLAB/Simulink

The examples were tested with MATLAB R2018a and the Toyota HSR repository with ROS Kinetic and Gazebo.


System Requirements

Setup the Environment

Launch Gazebo when using 'sim_mode'

Launch HSR simulator using the following command on the development machine:

$ roslaunch hsrb_gazebo_launch hsrb_megaweb2015_no_objects_world.launch

Connect to a ROS Master in the HSR

You can use the rosinit command to connect to a ROS master in the HSR(for example running on an actual robot or a simulator).

PC_IP ='';
setenv('ROS_MASTER_URI',['http://' HSR_IP ':11311'])

Moving the Arm

Moving the Head

Moving the Gripper

Base Control

Point Cloud Data Processing

This example requires Computer Vision System Toolbox.

Image Processing

This example requires Image Processing Toolbox.