Surface Area 3D plugin

This plugin was designed for calculation of planar surface areas from 3D datasets (see an image below)




How to Use:

An example shows the general use of the plugin: the contacts between mitochondria and ER are automatically generated from two materials and measured.

Normally, the preferrable way is to draw the contact with a mouse rather than use this automatic procedure, since the automatic way may result "bad" profiles as on the image above.

Link to video: <>, please note that the plugin in the video named as ContactArea3D and demonstrates application of the plugin for analysis of contacts between organelles.

Link to the dataset: <>

Link to the model: <>

Usage of this plugin is also explained in this work

Credits and Acknowledgements

Written by Ilya Belevich, University of Helsinki
version 1.00, 13.02.2020
email: ilya.belevich @

Big thanks to David Legland (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France) for discussion about triangulation of points: function mibTriangulateCurvePair.m is based on triangulateCurvePair.m from MatGeom tools by David Legland

How to cite

If you used this code please cite it as

Paterlini A., Belevich I., Jokitalo E., Helariutta Y., Novel computational approaches to study plasmodesmata and their environment. Journal name,