Batch processing...

This mode allows automate many of the image processing steps in MIB, the steps may be assigned into a protocol, which may be applied to multiple images.

A demonstration is available in the following video:
Another demo for File and Directory operations:

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    There are two general modes of usage:

  • when the Listen for MIB actions checkbox is checked, all recordable MIB operations are automatically detected and displayed as the current protocol step.
    When the Auto add to protocol checkbox is checked the detected action are automatically added to the protocol.
    Please note that not all available operations are detected some of them (for example, loading or saving of images) can only be added manually
  • alternatively, possible operations can be manually selected using the Protocol steps->Section and Protocol steps->Action comboboxes. The selected action with default parameters is acquired and can be added to the protocol

Start the protocol by pressing the Run protocol button or, whenever is need the protocol may be started from the currently selected step (Start from selected button).

In addition, to the normal image operations, the Batch processing tool has also the Service steps section, which allows to stop protocol at each moment or to generate Directory or File loops to load images in sequence.


Protocol panel

This section shows the steps of the protocol and allows basic operations with it.

    The right mouse click over the list of actions brings a popup menu with additional options:

  • Show settings displays the parameters for the selected action in the Protocol panel at the lower part of the window; from there the the specific parameters may be modified. Please note, when the Show parameters on click checkbox is checked the parameters of the selected action are automatically displayed in the Protocol steps panel
  • Duplicate - duplicate the selected action and place it as the next step of the protocol
  • Insert STOP EXECTUTION event, adds a new step (STOP EXECTUTION) that stops the protocol allowing to perform any operation that can't be implemented with the Batch processing
  • Move up - move selected action up in the list
  • Move down - move selected action down in the list
  • Delete from protocol - delete selected action from the list of the protocol steps
  • perform the selected step of the protocol
  • perform the selected step of the protocol and advance to the next
  • Listen for MIB actions, when checked automatically detect image processing steps and display them to the Protocol steps panel
  • Auto add to protocol, when checked automatically detected actions to the list of the protocol steps
  • Show parameters on click, when checked parameters of the selected action are automatically displated in the Protocol steps panel, otherwise please use the Show settings option in the popup menu, see above
  • press the buttons to load, save or delete the protocol. Saving of the protocol is also available in the Microsoft Excel format
  • Undo, Redo, press to undo or redo any recent modification of the protocol

Protocol steps panel

Individual steps of the protocol can be modified using this panel.

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