Make a snapshot to a file or to clipboard.

This dialog provides access to different settings for making snapshots.

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Define the destination for the rendered snapshot. The snapshot may be saved to a file when the File option is selected, or copied to the system clipboard, when the Clipboard options is selected.



The bin checkbox defines actions for the bin2, bin4, and bin8 buttons. When the bin checkbox is selected the bin buttons reduce size of the image, otherwise the buttons change their names to mag2, mag4, and mag8 and increase the image size.


Split channel - generate a montage image, where each panel has only one color channel.

The dimensions of the montage image can be specified using the Cols (number of horizontal panels) and Rows (number of vertical panels) edit boxes. In addition, it is possible to force rendering of individual color channels in the grayscale mode (the Grayscale check box).


Select one of the possible formats. There are number of format specific settings available for each image format.

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