Rename and shuffle (randomize files)...

Two tools placed under this menu entry allow to shuffle files for their blind modeling, when the user does not know which file belong to which condition. The models from the shuffled files can be converted back over the original filenames for analysis.

A demonstration is available in the following video:

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Rename and shuffle...

Rename and shuffle files in the input directories to number of output directories


To start the process, copy images that belong to different conditions into separate directories. For example, place images taken for the control condition to the Control folder. Create a new folder and copy there images that belong to the corresponsing treatment. There are may be multiple conditions processed at the same time. The only requirement is to have separate conditions in its own directory.


Restore the shuffled models and masks such that they correspond to the original image files


To start the process it is required to select the project file by pressing the '...' button and selection a project file that was stored under the directory, where the images were originally shuffled. The project file has *.mibShuffle extension.

Upon the loading of the project file the Directory with shuffled images and Destination directories list boxes are populated. It is possible to use the right mouse button to start a popup menu to modify the directory names.

When the masks or annotation are also present in the directories with the shuffled image files, they can also be restored to the destination directories.

Press the Restore shuffled button to start the process. As result, new '_Labels_RestoreRand_YYMMDD.model_' and '_Mask_RestoreRand_YYMMDD.mask_' files will be created at each of the descination directories. The 'YYMMDD' string denotes a date when the restore procedure is done.

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