Directory Contents Panel

This panel provides the listing of files in the selected directory with a possibility to filter them based on known image and video formats.

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1. Multiple buffer buttons

These buttons allow fast access to several datasets stored in the memory. The green color of the button indicates that there is a dataset loaded. When cursor is above the button a tooltip with the full file name appears to help with identification of the loaded dataset. The datasets may be switched using the left mouse button press on the desired button. The left mouse button shows a popup menu with additional options:

2. Main list box

The major part of the panel is occupied with this list box that shows list of files in the selected directory (the directory can be selected from the Path Panel). The files are filtered with the specified filter (Filter). Value all known displays all readable formats.

3. Filter

Filter list of files with available image type filters. The lost of available extensions depends on whether the standard or bioformats reader is used and whether or not the virtual mode is enabled. All together there are 4 different configurations for image format filters.

The list of filters can be modified by pressing the right mouse key over the Filter combobox and select one of the options:

4. The Update button

Updates the file list in the Directory contents window.

5. Left Interchangeable Panels

Selected panel will be shown in the lower left part of MIB

6. Right Interchangeable Panels

Selected panel will be shown in the right bottom part of MIB.

7. Bio checkbox

MIB can also open some specific biological image formats. Usually these are the native file formats for different microscopes. The reader for these formats is obtained from Bio-formats and is based on connected to MIB Bio-formats Java library (the library is stored in the mib\ImportExportTools\BioFormats directory). When the Bio checkbox is selected the Bio-formats reader is called to select desired datasets.

8. ?.

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