Image Filters Panel

Filter image using different image filters.

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Brief video demonstration

Use of filters in a brief video demonstration:

Image Filter combo box.

Allows selection of a filter from a list of 2D and 3D image filters. Depending on the filter type some additional parameters should be specified in the HSize, Sigma, lambda, Type, Angle, Iter edit boxes.

List of available filters:

Note! If HSize is specified with a single number then the size of the 3D Kernel is calculated based on pixel size of the dataset Menu->Dataset->Parameters. If HSize is specified with 2 numbers (i.e. 3;3) then the Kernel size is [3 x 3 x 3].

Mode combobox

The Mode combobox allows to select part of the open dataset to apply the filters.

Options combobox

The Options combobox allows to choose what to do with the dataset after filtration

Various settings for the filters

Here is a set of edit boxes (3D, Type, HSize, lambda, Sigma, beta2, beta3) that define additional parameters for the filters. Depending on the selected filter one or more of these edit boxes may be disabled.

The Filter button

Press this button to start the filtering.

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