Path Panel

This panel is used to provide the path to the image dataset.

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1. Logical drive combo box.

This combo box is used for fast selection of logical drives. It is initialized during the start of MIB and will show only those logical drives that were available during the initialization. Note! on MacOS and Linux this combo box has only the '\' option.

2. '...' button

This button is one of the ways to select a folder. It uses uigetdir MATLAB built-in function.

3. Current path edit box

Current path edit box shows the path of the current folder. The contents of the folder is shown in the Directory Contents panel.

The right mouse button click opens a context menu with the following options:

4. List of recent directories

Opens the list of recent directories from where datasets were loaded. A brief demonstration is available in the following video:

6. Pixel Info field

Pixel info field provides information about pixel location and intensity of pixels under the mouse pointer in the Image View panel . The format is: X, Y (Red channel:Green channel:Blue channel) / [index of material].

The right mouse click starts a context menu, that can be used for jumping to any point of the dataset.

7. Log button

Shows the log of actions that were performed for the current dataset. The action log is stored in the ImageDescription field in the TIF files. Each entry in the log list has a date/time stamp.

A brief demonstration is available in the following video:

There are number of actions that are possible to do with the action log:

8. Info button

The Info button opens a window with a tree list of parameters for the opened dataset.

The XY image resolution is stored in the XResolution and YResolution fields, and in the BoundingBox info in the ImageDescription field. The search field allows to search the metadata for specific value.

9. Zoom Edit box

Zoom Edit box, allows selection of the desired zoom level.

9. Help

Access to this help page

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