ROI Panel

ROI panel provides a way to add one or more ROI (Region of Interest) above the image. The ROIs may be used to analyse or do filtering in only the ROI defined parts of the dataset.

The implementation of the ROI mode was updated in MIB version 0.998 using the code of the Image Measurement Utility written by Jan Neggers, Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology.

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1. ROI type combo box

Define type of a ROI to add. Several ROI types are available. By default, an inteactive mode for placing of the ROIs is enabled, however it is possible to add ROIs manually using the Define parameters manually panel (2.) under the ROI type combo box.

2. Define parameters manually

This panel offers a posibility to place ROI to specific position. To do that, please check the manually checkbox and provide required coordinates. When done press the Add button (4.) to add a ROI.

3. Fix aspect ratio

This checkbox can be used to fix aspect ratio of ROIs during initial placing or later during their modification.

4. Add button

Press the Add button to add a ROI to the image.

5. Remove button

Press the Remove button to delete a ROI highlighed in the ROI list.

6. ROI to Selection button

Add area under the shown ROI to the Selection layer.

7. ROI List

The ROI List may be used to select single or all ROIs for filtering or analysis. Additional actions are available for the ROIS:

8. Options

Define visualization options for ROIs

9. Load button

Load ROI from a disk.

10. Save button

Save ROI information to disk in MATLAB format (a structure with label, type, X, Y, orientation fields).

11. Show label

When enabled, a text with the label of the selected ROI is displayed in the Image View panel.

12. Show ROI

When checked the ROIs are shown in the Image View panel. Alternatively the viewing state of the ROI objects may be switched using the R button in the Toolbar.

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