earthimage documentation

earthimage plots an unprojected image base map of Earth.

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h = earthimage(...)


earthimage plots an image base map of Earth in unprojected coordinates.

earthimage('gray') plots the image in grayscale.

earthimage('watercolor',rgbValues) specifies the color of the ocean with a three-element [R G B] vector (e.g., [1 0 0] for red).

earthimage('center',centerLon) specifies a center longitude, which can be anything between -180 and 360. Default centerLon is 0.

earthimage(...,'bottom') places the earth image at the bottom of the graphical stack (beneath other objects that have already been plotted).

h = earthimage(...) returns a handle h of the plotted image.

Example 1: Simple

For a simple base map image, just type earthimage:


You can then go about adding other layers to the base map with normal Matlab plotting functions, where x is used for longitudes and y is used for latitudes:

hold on
borders('countries','color',0.5*[1 1 1])
xlabel 'degrees longitude'
ylabel 'degrees latitude'

Example 2: Grayscale

For a grayscale image, specify 'gray':

earthimage gray

Example 3: Transparent Ocean

To make the ocean transparent, specify 'watercolor','none':


Example 4: Grayscale land with transparent ocean

Get grayscale land and transparent oceans like this:


Example 4: Colorful land with a black ocean

To specify a specific ocean color, enter the RGB values of the color you want the ocean to be. For example, plot make the ocean black by specifying the values [0 0 0] for 'watercolor':

earthimage('watercolor',[0 0 0])

Example 5: Grayscale land with a pink ocean

If you don't know the RGB values of your favorite color, use the rgb function instead:


Example 6: Centered on the Pacific

By default, the central longitude is 0 degrees, the Prime Meridian. But if you'd like the map to be centered on a different longitude, just specify the center longitude like this:

xlabel 'longitude'
ylabel 'latitude'

Author info

This function and supporting documentation were written by Chad A. Greene, for the Cimate Data Toolbox for Matlab, 2018.