textps documentation

textps is part of Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab (Greene et al., 2017). Click here for a complete list of functions in AMT.

The textps function works just like Matlab's text or textm functions, but places georeferenced text labels in Antarctic polar stereographic cartesian coordinates (true latitude 71°S). For example,

textps(lat,lon,'My text')

is equivalent to:

[x,y] = ll2ps(lat,lon);
plot(x,y,'My text')



h = textps(...)


textps(lat,lon,'string') adds the string in quotes to the location specified by the point (lat,lon) polar stereographic eastings and northings.

textps(...,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) formats the string with any name-value pairs of text properties.

textps(...,'km') plots in polar stereographic kilometers instead of the default meters.

textps(...,'meridian',meridian) specifies a meridian longitude in the polar stereographic coordinate conversion. Default meridian is 0.

h = textps(...) returns a column vector of handles to text objects, one handle per object.


Place text labels in East and West Antarctica:

textps(-80,-105,'West Antarctica')
textps(-75,90,'East Antarctica',...
xlabel 'eastings (m)'
ylabel 'northings (m)'

Citing AMT

If this function or any other part of Antarctic Mapping Tools is useful for you, please cite the paper that describes AMT.

Greene, C. A., Gwyther, D. E., & Blankenship, D. D. Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab. Computers & Geosciences. 104 (2017) pp.151-157. doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2016.08.003.

Author Info

This function was written by Chad A. Greene of the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), July 2015, for inclusion in the Antarctic Mapping Tools package.