EDIs_move Executes EDIs move and updates the game history





EDIs move is executed and the game history is updated.

In this version EDI is pretty greedy. He looks whether there is something to "eat"(beat). If there is something to eat, he does without regard, whether he will loose something or even wether he gets himself into a check. Hence, illegal moves can occure. Actually I implemented already a "is_in_check" function (used for the castling). In one of my next steps I will integrate it here.

How does EDI work? For each of his figures he looks out for the best move. The best move for each figues is determined in each corresponding figure classe (i.e. Knight). From all the best moves he chooses the one which promisses the highest gain. Right now he looks only half a move ahead.

Used Parameters


Let's say, we are in the middle of a game. Then EDI computes the next half-move, performs it and also records it.

See also

Chess, stopCursor, Knight, addHistoryMove