STM32F4 Discovery Board Programming with Embedded Coder

Model, prototype, tune, and deploy algorithms using Simulink® and Embedded Coder® with the STM32F4 Discovery board. The audio filter tuning example demonstrates this workflow.

This video shows how to use Simulink® and the DSP System Toolbox™ to develop audio algorithm models and generate ARM® Cortex®-M4F (CMSIS) optimized code from the models using Embedded Coder®. The demo features a parametric audio equalizer algorithm that is prototyped and tuned from Simulink while executing in real-time on hardware using audio input and output device driver blocks.

The device driver blocks and real-time scheduler are provided by the Embedded Coder® Support Package for the STM32F4-Discovery Board and are only supported for STM32F4DISCOVERY – A Discovery kit for STM32F407/417 lines.

The parametric audio equalizer algorithm shown in the video and provided by the DSP System Toolbox Support Package for ARM Cortex-M CMSIS DSP Library is portable and the floating-point code generated by Embedded Coder is optimized for other Cortex-M4F devices using CMSIS DSP libraries. Fixed-point versions of the audio equalizer model are provided in the support package for other Cortex-M devices and generate CMSIS optimized fixed-point DSP code (e.g., FIR, FFT).

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Example Parametric Audio Equalizer for ARM Cortex-M Processor