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Cannot create H2 controller: Error with h2syn
I have a linear plant with 12 states, 16 disturbances, 8 control inputs and 32 outputs. There is sensor noise associated with th...

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Symbolic inverse of large matrices
I have a system of differential equations in mass matrix form: |M*x_dot = F| and I want to find out the solution. In my case M a...

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Using ode45 for high altitude balloon trajectory: need some variables to update every iteration and need to plot altitude vs time.
For variables that change with time or state you should put their calculations inside the function |xp|. In your case, your stat...

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Compare the rows of two cell arrays?
It will be a good idea to convert the cell arrays to numeric matrices before doing the comparison. The following line of code wi...

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Not showing the right set of linearly independent eigenvectors
To compute eigenvalues, the |eig| function tries to minimize |A*V - V*D| to numerical precision of double. Since |eig| uses floa...

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Plotting equations in 3D
Your equation x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1 resembles a surface and can be plotted with the fsurf command in MATLAB which will need your f...

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CSV file import in Matlab
The function _textscan_ returns data into a string or cell array, and when you have multiple rows in your csv files it will retu...

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