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Not sure how to fix my matrix dimension problem
You are using for loop with variable i but you are not using i inside the loop. I'm not sure what you want to achive but maybe t...

12 hours ago | 1

Indexing into a matrix to create a plot
you can just try T_skin(t)= [(T * Area * Cp_air * rho_air)/(t-(t-1)) + Qgen + (Uambient * Area * Tambient)]/((Area * Cp_air *...

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Detect face from multiple image, crop it and save it in different file.
If you want to read jpg images from one folder and save cropped images with same name and format but in different folder you can...

13 hours ago | 0

Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of the right side.
You're trying to asign 3x3 matrix to A(i) which is vector of size i. try A(1:3,1:3,i)=[cos(theta(i)) sin(theta(i)) 0;... ...

16 hours ago | 0

Trouble with rotating an image and saving it with different rotation angles.
You should try K(numberOfRowsInImage,numberOfColumnsInImage,i) = imrotate(I,a(i),'bilinear','crop') K(i) is just vector of siz...

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Volume of overlapping ellipsoids
I'm creating program that fills given 3D object with ellipsoids. How can I calculate filled volume if ellipsoids can overlap ? P...

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Randomly split data set and make sure that a sample of each class is included
If those are images I think best way is to load your data with class labels and then use splitEachLabel( __,'randomize') functio...

3 months ago | 0

function to find longest string of consecutive ones
This is quick made example how it may work. Nbest tells number of letters in the longest string and Lbest tells what letters the...

3 months ago | 1

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Creating 3D surface from binary slice images
I've got 60 slices and i'm creating binary mask of contours wchich i'm detecting on each. How can I create 3D model from those c...

3 months ago | 1 answer | 0