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- CAE Engineer / Powtertrain Analysis.
- Process & in-house built numerical tools developer for consumption and emissions optimization of powertrain.
- I hold a master's degree in Electrical Engineering.


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Search for files in directory
Just in case someone looks for the same problem : I needed to list only .mat files that contains a specific string (here my va...

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Deselect Cells on Excel Sheet
Hello Katerina, Try to select one cell then Excel will unselect all other cells, for instance select the very first cell of y...

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sampling rate in sawtooth
Hello Ahmad, You might want to try with this function : < resample>. ...

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i have a flow equation. how to create simulink model of this equation
Hello Bhargavkrishna Kondreddy, I think it is not complicated to design a Simulink model if you already have the equation. Th...

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Deleting pictures from Excel: Shapes.Item.Delete doesn't work
Hi AR, Check this < an...

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how to execute an .m file by clicking push button in an another gui file?
This <

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