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Jan Studnicka

Humusoft s.r.o.

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I'm an Application Engineer for Humusoft.

Professional Interests: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Optimization, Parallel Computing


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Strange values of map axes limits (axesm).
Hello, The default setting for map axes is that the map frame is not visible. You need to toggle the visibility of the map fram...

1 month ago | 0

Custom geobasemaps not show in compiled application.
As described here:

7 months ago | 1

| accepted

Geoaxes zoom not working after adding ButtonDownFcn.
As mentioned here in the documentation: "Sometimes MATLAB® automatically disables the built-in interactions. For example, they ...

8 months ago | 1

Is MATLAB App Designer in place of Matlab GUI in MATLAB 2020a?
Yes. You can find more information here:

1 year ago | 1

Use find to filter for results specified by user
Hi, strcmp is slower then == and you can use == with strings. You can also save space and get better performance by using categ...

2 years ago | 0

| accepted

Hi, how can i proceed with this question, everytime i plot it, it doesn't show me my line. Can u guys help me
You are missing . before /. See:

2 years ago | 0

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Data Tip addition not working
close all; clc figPosition = [0 0 1 1]; data = readtable('FertilitySoloCountries.xlsx', 'PreserveVariableNames', true); year...

2 years ago | 0

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Gtk-Message: 16:17:51.771: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
See bug reports: "On some Linux distributions, a message appears ...

2 years ago | 2

Gtk-Message: 10:32:31.466: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
See bug reports: "On some Linux distributions, a message appe...

2 years ago | 4

How can I convert csv files to matlab whilst also looping through folders?
Hi, I would try using datastore: Hope it helps.

3 years ago | 0

Exception in thread "Thread-5": java.lang.NullPointerException after exiting [Matlab 2018b]
It looks like the known bug. You can find workaround here:

3 years ago | 4

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Getting result for Bloomberg SRCH function or Excel BSRCH
Hi, I believe this MATLAB function is equivalent to BSRCH: Jan

4 years ago | 0

Remove/Assign products
Hi, maybe your computer cannot connect to MathWorks license server due to firewall. See the answers here: http://www.mathw...

5 years ago | 0

How to install MATLAB 2016b noninteractively (silent) on macOS
Hi, according to the documentation there should be instructions in the installer properties file template: "For information a...

5 years ago | 0

2016b - How to install both DVDs silently?
Hi, there is an answer here: You should download products (not ISO) ...

5 years ago | 0