INSEL Renewable Energy Blockset

Simulink blockset for renewable energy simulation


  • Weather data and meteorological time series generation
  • Renewable electricity and storage simulation
  • Solar thermal heating and cooling systems
  • Building simulation in urban environments
  • Databases for solar electric and thermal components
  • Block reference manual and comprehensive tutorial


The Integrated Simulation Environment Language (INSEL®) Renewable Energy Blockset is designed to flexibly construct simulation applications for renewable energy systems and energy efficient buildings. State of the art component models are provided as blocks to simulate meteorological data, electrical and thermal energy systems, and building-related features. The component models have been validated in a large number of projects and publications during the last two decades. Examples include: grid-connected photovoltaic generators, stand-alone electrical energy supply systems (with batteries or hydrogen components), solar cooling and heating systems, and dynamic building simulation. The blockset contains extensive databases for several thousand photovoltaic modules, inverters, thermal collectors, and meteorological parameters.

Researchers, engineers, and planners use this software to simulate, design, control, and support the operation of renewable energy systems and energy efficient buildings. Detailed models enable analysis of the dynamic performance of each individual component. The connection between different component models is designed to teach students the physics and engineering of different renewable energy systems and enables users to study performance. 

The INSEL Renewable Energy Blockset is based on a single S-function API (SinselBlock) which implements all blocks with individual masks to configure block parameters. The Simulink® blockset is an integral part of INSEL. The software can be downloaded from and tested free of charge for a period of 30 days.

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems


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