ISPack (Integrated Seismic PACKage)

Fast, accurate, and integrated solution for reservoir characterization


  • Well log analysis, including shear prediction using empirical and theoretical methods
  • Rock physics, fluid replacement, fluid property trends
  • Seismic AVO, with uncertainty analysis
  • Seismic inversion, using deterministic and stochastic methods
  • Full elastic modeling tool, for multicomponent feasibility and complex structure
  • Special tools for frequency attenuation, spectral decomposition


To accurately predict the physical properties of a reservoir requires the integration of various information including basin modeling, interpreted horizons and faults, seismic inverted rock properties, fluid properties, well log data, and more. Some expensive commercial packages can provide such integrated study but they usually do not give geoscientist the freedom to incorporate his or her own ideas and knowledge into the package. ISPack provides functions for advanced techniques in fluid prediction and reservoir characterization, while also providing geoscientists with easy access to the digital information so they can incorporate their own ideas and knowledge.

After loading information into the workspace using provided functions, geoscientists can easily work with the data, test their own methods and develop reservoir models by using the MATLAB and ISPack computational libraries and visualization tools. Spectral decomposition, Radon filtering, and impedance inversion require only a few commands or menu clicks. To test a new method may require only a few lines of code and a few minutes of work rather than hours or days of effort. ISPack and MATLAB help geoscientists to concentrate on using their knowledge to find oil and gas, spending far less time gathering data and writing computer code.

Integrated Seismic Solutions

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