Simulation software for electromechanical equipment design and development


  • Support Model-Based Design of motor control systems
  • Import motor model data from motor manufacturers into MATLAB ® and Simulink ®
  • Use motor models that reflect the unique physical shape and magnetic saturation characteristics
  • Simulate detailed FEA models along with control algorithms
  • Reduce development rework for greater efficiency
  • Generate code using Simulink Coder for motor HIL systems


JMAG is finite element analysis (FEA) software for developing electromechanical equipment. Companies and universities use JMAG as a tool for product development of electrical components such as motors and actuators, as well as power electronics components.

JMAG-RT can extract motor features based on a JMAG FEA model as a data table representing precise, reduced-order models. By importing the data into MATLAB and Simulink (via S-functions), it enables simulations to reflect the difference in shape and magnetic saturation characteristics of each motor. Being able to cosimulate control algorithms with accurate motor models helps users validate their control system before hardware prototypes are available. JMAG can also simulate system malfunctions, such as inverter failure, which is difficult using a simulation combined with real hardware.

MATLAB and Simulink users can easily add JMAG motor models into their simulations by:

  1. Adding the S-function block for the motor model provided by JSOL into their Simulink model
  2. Linking the motor model data file (.rtt) created by JMAG
  3. Running the simulation from MATLAB and Simulink


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