Model Test Manager

A new paradigm in simulation test instrumentation and data capture


  • Single interface to instrument models in Simulink ® with sensors such as Scope, Display, and To Workspace blocks and signal injectors such as offsets and noise
  • Support for multiple instrumentation sets for various analysis scenarios
  • Transparent mechanism to instrument library-linked elements
  • Support for instruments on multiple instantiations of library-linked elements
  • Batch mode for programmatic execution of experiments


Model Test Manager (mTm) is a software toolbox for MATLAB® that helps users manage the instrumentation of models in Simulink and Stateflow®. mTm is part of the next generation of tools that have evolved from Model Instrumentation Manager (MIM). In addition to instrumenting standard Simulink sinks such as Scope, Display, and To Workspace blocks, mTm has the capability to inject exogenous signals into simulation using any of the built-in sources such as Constants, Ramps, and Repeating signals. During simulation, users can tune model parameters "online" using mTm to meet desired performance objectives. Users can manage and define lists of test instruments through an interactive interface or retrieve a previously saved list and apply it to the simulation model. Because the instrumentation information is maintained independent of the model, the Simulink model and associated libraries are not corrupted with unnecessary blocks. mTm automatically ensures that the saved model does not have any instruments even when the instrumented model is saved by the user. Thus, users can generate and apply numerous scenario-specific instrument configurations for the same model or across similar models without making any changes to the models.

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