UAV/UAS true hardware-in-the-loop simulator


  • Electrically simulates all autopilot sensors
  • Provides the highest fidelity available in the UAV industry
  • Includes all Simulink ® blocks
  • Includes helicopter and fixed-wing versions
  • Provides full 6-DOF flight simulator


MicroPilot’s trueHWIL is the highest-fidelity UAV autopilot simulator available in the industry and offers a significant advance over the quasi–hardware-in-the-loop simulators typically used in industry. Quasi–hardware-in-the-loop simulators approximate an autopilot’s sensors by exchanging sensor and control surface position information with the autopilot over a serial port or CAN bus. This form of simulation introduces inaccuracies because an autopilot in flight reads this information directly from its sensors instead of over a serial port or CAN bus. 

MicroPilot’s trueHWILmp offers a dramatic improvement in simulator fidelity by electrically simulating all sensor outputs using an analog-to-digital converter, signal conditioning, and PWM interface boards. MicroPilot’s trueHWILmp enables users to replicate the conditions their UAVs experience in flight, offering superior on-the-ground validation of autopilot setup and integration.

MicroPilot’s trueHWIL includes a full 6-DOF flight simulator designed in Simulink along with blocks to model all UAV autopilot sensors. Using Simulink, UAV developers can customize the model to their requirements. Once the model is designed and operating in Simulink, it can be compiled using Simulink Coder® and Simulink Real-Time™ to run on a PC with the appropriate ADC and signal conditioning boards connected to a UAV autopilot.

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  • Rapid Prototyping and HIL Systems


  • Control Systems
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