DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Oscilloscopes

Performance oscilloscopes capable of performing waveform analysis using MATLAB


  • Models available with bandwidth from 4 GHz to 33 GHz
  • Sample rate of 100 GS/sec
  • Solid signal fidelity, minimum noise, and high effective number of bits (ENOB)
  • Up to 20 measurement channels
  • Custom Analysis Interface for use with MATLAB


The DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Oscilloscope delivers a high degree of signal acquisition performance and analysis capability. Discover your real signals with acquisition on all four channels and capture more signal details with the industry's highest waveform capture capability. Automate setup, acquisition, and analysis of high-speed serial data signals with a toolset engineered to deliver faster design and compliance testing.

The DPO70000 Series Oscilloscope provides the Custom Analysis Interface for use with MATLAB®. This interface extends the measurement capabilities of your Tektronix® oscilloscope and allows you to perform live custom analysis with full integration of MATLAB functions into the Tektronix oscilloscope. Analysis is performed during the signal acquisition loop and results are returned as a math trace on the instrument, allowing users to rapidly complete advanced analysis and debug tasks. MATLAB functions hosted on the oscilloscope benefit from a shared memory interface to acquired waveform data, establishing a live data environment that can be fully customized for specific types of analysis. Extensive MATLAB visualization features can also be applied to create specialized data views that are fully synchronized with oscilloscope operation.

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Product Type

  • Test Instruments


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Digital Signal Processing


  • Aerospace and Defense
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