Samcef Mecano

Coupling of Simulink models with nonlinear FEA models


  • Nonlinear flexible multibody dynamics
  • Active controls
  • Controller design
  • Mechatronics


SAMCEF Mecano integrates rigid body simulation and finite element methods in a single environment, offering a unique platform for the design and verification of mechanical systems. It offers a complete toolbox of mechanical components and assembly conditions, such as kinematical joints, contact-friction conditions, prestressed structural assemblies, and nonlinear material models including composites, allowing designers to use the same modeling environment throughout the entire design process.

SAMCEF Mecano can be coupled with MATLAB and Simulink to switch from mechanic to mechatronic simulations. This coupling can be achieved in three different ways:

  • By importing a linearized SAMCEF Mecano model in the form of a Super Element into MATLAB. The controller can be modified in Simulink and tested directly with a linearized SAMCEF Mecano model without leaving MATLAB.
  • By performing cosimulation between MATLAB and Simulink and SAMCEF Mecano. The controller can be dynamically modified in Simulink and tested directly with the full SAMCEF Mecano model without leaving MATLAB and without having to create a super-element.
  • By incorporating an existing controller into a SAMCEF Mecano model. In this case, digital control boxes are exported from an existing controller in MATLAB or Simulink.

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