Reference Architecture

Actionable Analytics with OSIsoft PI System, MATLAB, and MATLAB Production Server

Develop MATLAB functions with PI Asset Framework data and deploy to production to discover trends, uncover insights, and predict events using this free add-on

MATLAB Interface for OSIsoft PI System

Connect to OSIsoft® PI System™ Asset Framework and access asset and time series data from MATLAB® using the MATLAB interface for OSIsoft PI System. Analyze the data using your own algorithms or leverage dozens of MATLAB toolboxes.

You can:

  • Visualize the findings
  • Create reports and share your insights
  • Flag anomalies
  • Identify preventative maintenance patterns and predict remaining useful life of assets

Algorithm development and analysis workflow​.

MATLAB Production Server Interface for OSIsoft PI System

With the MATLAB Production Server interface for OSIsoft PI System, you can use MATLAB functions as part of your production workflow.

You can map OSIsoft PI AF asset data as MATLAB function arguments and perform live data analysis. You can also write back analysis results to PI AF and use them in your reports and OSIsoft tools like PI Vision.

You can:

  • Automate algorithm execution with production data from PI AF
  • Run multiple analyses at scale with MATLAB Production Server
  • Write results back to OSIsoft PI AF or other downstream systems, adding deep insight to process monitoring
  • Use OSIsoft’s user interface tools to display results

Download the Extension and Getting Started Guide

Production deployment workflow.

Required Products

MATLAB Interface for OSIsoft PI System
MATLAB (R2018a or later)

MATLAB Production Server Interface for OSIsoft PI System

OSIsoft PI Server (Tested with 2018 SP2; backward compatibility possible)

  • OSIsoft Asset Framework
  • OSIsoft Asset Framework SDK (Backwards compatible)
  • OSIsoft PI System Access License