Analyzing Data from Simulations or Physical Tests

With MathWorks products you perform sophisticated analyses in the same environment that you use to monitor and control your test execution. You can adapt test plans and procedures in real time to ensure that you acquire data that is critical to your testing objectives and essential for timely decision-making.

You can:

  • Bring live data directly into MATLAB for real-time analysis
  • Test physical setups and perform hardware-in-the-loop simulations
  • Generate test condition using Design of Experiments techniques
  • Define test procedures, success criteria, and post-run analysis procedures
  • Manage the data and automate testing and simulation
  • Parallelize your data processing or simulations to reduce computation time

Calibrate Simulation Models or Physical Systems for Optimal Performance

MathWorks data analysis tools let you calibrate or fine-tune the performance of a simulation or physical system. You can estimate simulation parameters from data or identify the conditions that optimize simulation or physical-system performance.