MathWorks Certified MATLAB Professional Exam

Once you’ve obtained your Certified MATLAB Associate credential, you are ready to build on your certification portfolio and master the next level, Certified MATLAB Professional. Earning the Certified MATLAB Professional credential demonstrates that you have expanded your basic MATLAB skills to a level of mastery on par with the proficiency of the most advanced members of the MATLAB community.

How to prepare:

  • Review the Information for Candidates to learn what to expect during the exam.
  • Review the Tested Objectives for the exam. MathWorks training courses provide coverage across these objectives as well as exercises if additional learning and practice are necessary.
  • Review the MATLAB Functionality to Know table. Study the documentation pages for any functions that are unfamiliar.
  • Work through exercises. MathWorks training courses provide additional exercises for practice.
  • Read the Release Notes for the latest releases of MATLAB to stay up-to-date on new functionality, as well as changes to older functionality.
  • Pay attention to Code Analyzer messages in the MATLAB Editor. Be able to fix anything flagged in the code as potentially incorrect or inefficient. A list of the Code Analyzer Messages for the current release can be found under the Code Analyzer section of the MATLAB preferences.
  • Try the exam practice problems. These problems offer an idea of the difficulty and format to expect on the exam.

Note: Certification exams are administered in English. 

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