What is the CubeSat Simulation Library?

CubeSats and nano satellites are miniaturized spacecraft designed for space education and research. The CubeSat Simulation Library is an add-on for Aerospace Blockset that lets you model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats.

To get started with CubeSat simulations, first install the CubeSat Simulation Library using the Add-On Explorer in the MATLAB desktop. Use the search term "CubeSat" to find and install the library.  

Once it’s installed, the library provides a ready-to-simulate example of a CubeSat modeled in Simulink with template models. These templates are available from the Simulink Start page.

The CubeSat simulation project includes a model that is ready to simulate, but you can define the orbit trajectory and attitude of the CubeSat by double-clicking the “Edit Initial Orbit and Attitude” block in the model. It also lets you visualize the simulation with Simulink 3D Animation by rendering the CubeSat in orbit around the Earth.

To help you get started modeling vehicle motion and dynamics, the library also includes a CubeSat Simulink block featuring orbit propagation and attitude control. To open the CubeSat block library, at the MATLAB Command Window, simply type asbCubeSatBlockLib. The library contains three variations of a CubeSat vehicle block to model a Simple CubeSat vehicle. You can specify the initial orbital state as a set of Keplerian orbital elements; position and velocity state vectors; or latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity. Attitude control is defined by alignment and constraint vectors. The CubeSat Vehicle blocks also include preconfigured Earth Pointing and Sun Tracking attitude control modes.

In addition, the library contains links to related Aerospace Blockset libraries for quick access when creating CubeSat models.

This is the case for the “CubeSat Orbit Propagation Model,” also found on the Simulink Start Page. This template includes the CubeSat Vehicle block, a Spherical Harmonic Gravity Model from Aerospace Blockset, and visualization using Simulink 3D Animation.

But there’s more! When needed, you can insert your own models into the CubeSat template.

Download the CubeSat Simulation Library today to discover how you can model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the dynamics of CubeSats.