Model Infinite Ground Plane for Balanced Antennas

This example shows how to model an infinite ground plane and calculate fundamental antenna parameters for balanced antennas.

Create Antenna On Infinite Ground Plane

Create a reflector antenna on a ground plane of infinite length.

r = reflector ('GroundPlaneLength', inf)
r = 
  reflector with properties:

              Exciter: [1x1 dipole]
            Substrate: [1x1 dielectric]
    GroundPlaneLength: Inf
     GroundPlaneWidth: 0.2000
              Spacing: 0.0750
      EnableProbeFeed: 0
                 Tilt: 0
             TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                 Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

View Antenna Geometry

View the physical construction of infinite ground plane reflector antenna.


Calculate Impedance of Antenna

Calculate the impedance of reflector antenna over a frequency range of 800MHz to 1GHz.


Plot Radiation Pattern of Antenna

Plot the radiation pattern of reflector antenna at a frequency of 900MHz.


Visualize Antenna Mesh

Mesh and view the infinite ground plane reflector antenna.

figure; mesh(r);