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Validate SOFA data

Since R2023b



    validate(s) validates the SOFA data to ensure that property values and dimensions are consistent. The function throws an error if there are any validation issues.


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    Create a SOFA object following the SimpleFreeFieldHRIR convention. Populate the Numerator property with mock impulse response data containing two receivers, 1000 measurements, and an impulse response length of 256.

    s = sofaconvention("SimpleFreeFieldHRIR");
    s.Numerator = zeros(1000,2,256);

    Populate the SourcePosition property with mock positional data containing source positions for 100 measurements.

    s.SourcePosition = zeros(100,3);

    Call validate on the SOFA object. The function throws an error because the number of measurements in the positional data is inconsistent with the impulse response data.

    Error using audio.sofa.internal.BaseSOFA/checkOneOrVal
    Dimension 1 of SourcePosition must be equal to either one or the number of measurements, 1000.
    Error in audio.sofa.internal.FreeFieldBase/validate (line 242)
    Error in audio.sofa.internal.SimpleFreeFieldBase/validate (line 50)

    Fix the inconsistency by populating SourcePosition with mock data for 1000 measurements. Call validate again to see that it runs with no errors.

    s.SourcePosition = zeros(1000,3);

    Input Arguments

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b