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Component Development

Develop AUTOSAR adaptive software components and service communication; use programmatic interfaces; apply modeling checks

After creating a Simulink® representation of an AUTOSAR adaptive software component:

  • Refine the AUTOSAR configuration, using the Code Mappings editor and the AUTOSAR Dictionary or equivalent AUTOSAR programmatic interfaces.

  • Develop algorithmic content in the component, using a broad range of Simulink model-based design capabilities.

If you have Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder® software, you can generate ARXML descriptions and algorithmic C++ code for integration into the AUTOSAR adaptive run-time environment, as described in Generate AUTOSAR Adaptive C++ Code and XML Descriptions.

An AUTOSAR application is modeled by interconnected software components. Each software component encapsulates a functional implementation of automotive behavior, with well-defined connection points to the outside world.

Use the Code Mappings editor and the AUTOSAR Dictionary to begin refining and developing the component. The Code Mappings editor provides a Simulink perspective of the component, in which you selectively map Simulink elements to AUTOSAR elements. The AUTOSAR Dictionary provides an AUTOSAR perspective of the component, in which you configure AUTOSAR elements and their properties. To get started, see AUTOSAR Component Configuration.


Event ReceiveConvert input event to signal
Event SendConvert input signal to event


Code Mappings EditorMap AUTOSAR elements for code generation


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autosar.api.getSimulinkMappingMap Simulink elements to AUTOSAR elements
getDataStoreGet AUTOSAR mapping information for Simulink data store
getInportGet AUTOSAR mapping information for Simulink inport
getOutportGet AUTOSAR mapping information for Simulink outport
mapDataStoreMap Simulink data store to AUTOSAR variable
mapInportMap Simulink inport to AUTOSAR port
mapOutportMap Simulink outport to AUTOSAR port
autosar.api.getAUTOSARPropertiesConfigure AUTOSAR software component elements and properties
autosar.api.createCreate or update mapped AUTOSAR component model
autosar.api.deleteDelete AUTOSAR properties and mapping for Simulink model
autosar.api.syncModelUpdate Simulink to AUTOSAR mapping of model with Simulink modifications
autosar.api.validateModelValidate AUTOSAR properties and mapping of Simulink model
autosar_ui_launchOpen AUTOSAR Dictionary dialog box
autosar_ui_closeClose AUTOSAR Dictionary dialog box