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Encoding of Characters in Code Generation

MATLAB® represents characters in 16-bit Unicode. The code generator represents characters in an 8-bit codeset that the locale setting determines. Differences in character encoding between MATLAB and code generation have these consequences:

  • Code generation of characters with numeric values greater than 255 produces an error.

  • For some characters in the range 128–255, it might not be possible to represent the character in the codeset of the locale setting or to convert the character to an equivalent 16-bit Unicode character. Passing characters in this range between MATLAB and generated code can result in errors or different answers.

  • For code generation, some toolbox functions accept only 7-bit ASCII characters.

  • Casting a character that is not in the 7-bit ASCII codeset to a numeric type, such as double, can produce a different result in the generated code than in MATLAB. As a best practice, for code generation, avoid performing arithmetic with characters.

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