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Filtering and pulse shaping

Apply filtering for signal pulse shaping and conditioning.


gaussdesignGaussian FIR pulse-shaping filter design
intdumpIntegrate and dump
rcosdesignRaised cosine FIR pulse-shaping filter design
rectpulseRectangular pulse shaping


comm.IntegrateAndDumpFilterIntegrate discrete-time signal with periodic resets
comm.RaisedCosineTransmitFilterApply pulse shaping by interpolating signal using raised-cosine FIR filter
comm.RaisedCosineReceiveFilterApply pulse shaping by decimating signal using raised-cosine FIR filter


Ideal Rectangular Pulse FilterShape input signal using ideal rectangular pulses
Integrate and DumpIntegrate discrete-time signal, resetting to zero periodically
Raised Cosine Transmit FilterApply pulse shaping by upsampling signal using raised cosine FIR filter
Raised Cosine Receive FilterApply pulse shaping by downsampling signal using raised cosine FIR filter
Windowed IntegratorIntegrate over time window of fixed length



Describes general comm filtering.

Group Delay

The raised cosine filter blocks in the commfilt2 library implement realizable filters by delaying the peak response.

Design Raised Cosine Filters Using MATLAB Functions

Designing a raised cosine filter using the rcosdesign function.

Design Raised Cosine Filters in Simulink

This example illustrates a typical setup in which a transmitter uses a square root raised cosine filter to perform pulse shaping and the corresponding receiver uses a square root raised cosine filter as a matched filter.

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