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Bloomberg EMSX example order blotter



[t,subs] = emsxOrderBlotter(c) displays a trader's order information. c is the Bloomberg® EMSX connection, t is the timer object associated with the event handler, and subs is the Bloomberg EMSX subscription list.


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Create the Bloomberg EMSX connection c.

 c = emsx('//blp/emapisvc_beta');

Open Bloomberg EMSX order blotter using the Bloomberg EMSX connection c.

[t,subs] = emsxOrderBlotter(c)
   Timer Object: timer-1

   Timer Settings
      ExecutionMode: fixedRate
             Period: 1
           BusyMode: drop
            Running: on

           TimerFcn: {@processEventToBlotter [1x1 emsx]}
           ErrorFcn: ''
           StartFcn: ''
            StopFcn: ''

subs =

emsxOrderBlotter returns the timer object output and the Bloomberg EMSX subscription list object. For details about the timer object, see timer.

The order blotter displays the current order information for a trader.

Create the order request structure order to define the order parameters. This code creates a buy market order for 330 shares of IBM®. This code uses the broker BB with the time in force set to DAY and any hand instruction. Convert the number of shares to a 32-bit signed integer using int32.

order.EMSX_TICKER = 'IBM';
order.EMSX_AMOUNT = int32(330);
order.EMSX_BROKER = 'BB';
order.EMSX_TIF = 'DAY';
order.EMSX_SIDE = 'BUY';

Create and route the order using the Bloomberg EMSX connection c and the order request structure order. Use the custom event handler processEventToBlotter by setting the name-value pair argument 'useDefaultEventHandler' to false.

events = createOrderAndRoute(c,order,'useDefaultEventHandler',false)
events =


 CreateOrderAndRoute = {
     EMSX_SEQUENCE = 381499
     EMSX_ROUTE_ID = 1
     MESSAGE = Order created and routed

createOrderAndRoute creates the order, routes the order, and returns a structure events that contains an empty double. processEventToBlotter displays output from createOrderAndRoute with the order number EMSX_SEQUENCE, route number EMSX_ROUTE_ID, and message: Order created and routed.

The order blotter updates using the information for the created and routed order, where order number EMSX_SEQUENCE is 381499, using the event handler function processEventToBlotter. The order blotter updates as orders are created and managed.

Close the Bloomberg EMSX connection.


Input Arguments

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Bloomberg EMSX service connection, specified as a connection object created using emsx.

Output Arguments

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MATLAB timer, returned as a MATLAB object. For details, see timer.

Bloomberg EMSX subscription list, returned as a Bloomberg EMSX subscription list object.

Introduced in R2013a