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DDS Blockset Limitations and Considerations

DDS Blockset does not support the following import, modeling, simulation, and deployment capabilities:

  • Import — Limitations for importing DDS definitions include the following:

    • DDS topics with sequences are not supported.

    • DDS topics with arrays of strings are not supported.

    • DDS topics with multidimensional arrays are not supported.

    • Quality of service (QoS) profiles cannot be specified for domain participants, publishers, or subscribers.

    • When importing RTI QoS profile XML files, RTI-specific tags are ignored and will not be written to the XML file generated by DDS Blockset.

    For a list of supported IDL data types and semantics, see Import Considerations and Limitations.

  • Modeling — DDS Blockset requires that all ports for an application model must map to DDS. If you have ports that do not map DDS, the model does not simulate or build correctly.

  • Simulation — DDS Blockset does not support Rapid Accelerator mode simulation, software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing, or MAT- file logging for DDS applications.

  • Deployment — DDS Blockset does not support compiling the code generated from a DDS application model for a non-DDS application.

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