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Function Approximation and Nonlinear Regression

Create a neural network to generalize nonlinear relationships between example inputs and outputs


Neural Net FittingSolve fitting problem using two-layer feed-forward networks


nftoolOpen Neural Net Fitting app
viewView shallow neural network
fitnetFunction fitting neural network
feedforwardnetGenerate feedforward neural network
cascadeforwardnetGenerate cascade-forward neural network
trainTrain shallow neural network
trainlmLevenberg-Marquardt backpropagation
trainbrBayesian regularization backpropagation
trainscgScaled conjugate gradient backpropagation
trainrpResilient backpropagation
mseMean squared normalized error performance function
regression(Not recommended) Perform linear regression of shallow network outputs on targets
ploterrhistPlot error histogram
plotfitPlot function fit
plotperformPlot network performance
plotregressionPlot linear regression
plottrainstatePlot training state values
genFunctionGenerate MATLAB function for simulating shallow neural network

Examples and How To

Basic Design

Training Scalability and Efficiency

Optimal Solutions