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Set up or delete HERE HD Live Map credentials



hereHDLMCredentials('setup') opens a dialog box for specifying the credentials required to access the HERE HD Live Map[1] (HERE HDLM) web service. By default, credentials last for the duration of a MATLAB® session. To save credentials between sessions, in the HERE HD Live Map Credentials dialog box, select the Save my credentials between MATLAB sessions check box .

Simplified form: hereHDLMCredentials setup


hereHDLMCredentials('delete') deletes saved HERE HDLM credentials. Any subsequent use of HERE HDLM functions and objects, such as the hereHDLMConfiguration or hereHDLMReader object, requires entering new credentials.

Simplified form: hereHDLMCredentials delete


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Set up HERE HD Live Map (HERE HDLM) credentials.

hereHDLMCredentials setup

Enter a valid Access Key ID and Access Key Secret. You can obtain these credentials by entering into a separate agreement with HERE Technologies. Optionally, select Save my credentials between MATLAB sessions to save your HERE HDLM credentials between MATLAB sessions. Click OK.

Load a driving route, and create a HERE HDLM reader using the route coordinates. The HERE HD Live Map Credentials dialog box does not open because the credentials have already been set up.

data = load('geoSequence.mat');
reader = hereHDLMReader(data.latitude,data.longitude);

Delete the HERE HDLM credentials you previously entered. The next time you use hereHDLMReader, you must enter your credentials again.

hereHDLMCredentials delete
Introduced in R2019a

[1] You need to enter into a separate agreement with HERE in order to gain access to the HDLM services and to get the required credentials (access_key_id and access_key_secret) for using the HERE Service.