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Build and Run an Executable on the ARM Cortex-A9 QEMU Emulator

Configure a Simulink® model, build an executable, and run the executable on the ARM® Cortex®-A QEMU emulator.

  1. Use the getQEMUEmulatorAddOn function to download and install the Embedded Coder® Interface to QEMU Emulator add-on.

  2. Configure your model to deploy and run on the ARM Cortex-A QEMU emulator. For more information on model configuration, see Configure a Model for ARM Cortex-A9 QEMU Emulator.

  3. On the Hardware tab, select Build, Deploy & Start to build, deploy, and start running the model as an ELF file on the QEMU emulator.

    During this process:

    • The MATLAB® Command Window shows the process ID (PID) of the QEMU.

    • When the QEMU starts running the ELF file, it opens a status window.

      The ARM Cortex-A QEMU window displays the status.

  4. To stop the executable and close QEMU, close the QEMU window.

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