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Set class namespace of model



setClassNamespace(myCPPMappingObj, namespace) sets the class namespace of the model in the generated code. Control the scope of the generated code by specifying a namespace for the generated class. In systems that use a model hierarchy, you can specify a different namespace for each model in the hierarchy.


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Specify a class namespace for a model and generate C++ code.

Open the model. To access the CodeMappingCPP object associated with the model, use the coder.mapping.api.get function.

cm = coder.mapping.api.get('rtwdemo_cppclass');

To specify a namespace for the model in the generated code, use the setClassNamespace function.

setClassNamespace(cm, 'myClassNamespace');

Input Arguments

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C++ code mapping object, returned by a call to either the coder.mapping.utils.create function or the coder.mapping.api.get function.

Class namespace of model in the generated code, specified as a character vector. If you do not specify a class namespace, the code generated for the model does not use a namespace.

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2021a